Balance & Harmony

This earthy brown translucent crystal evokes desert cliffs at dawn with its orange and gray tinges. Valued since time immemorial for its special powers, Hermatoid Quartz is known to improve blood circulation and liberate the body’s active energy.

Essence & Energy

Designers to use Hematoid Quartz to enhance luxurious design in conference rooms, spas, and exclusive kitchens and dining rooms, as it promotes alertness and creativity while enhancing communication.

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The Collection

The Concetto collection of hand crafted semi-precious stone surfaces combine practical luxury with elegant style. Concetto is ideal for diverse applications such as exclusive kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, luxurious tables, lavish floors and walls, elegant semi precious stone furniture, and more.

Concetto top-quality, luxury countertop surfaces are heat, stain and scratch resistant, requiring minimal maintenance.

Every unique Concetto surface is custom designed to enhance the unique shadings and inherent patterns of each semi-precious stone.