Raku Collection, Materia Viva, Ceramic Knob

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Green Circle Knob.jpg

Raku Collection, Materia Viva, Ceramic Knob


The inspiration of designer and artist Giuseppe Lorenzi
has given us Masterpieces. He has taken his passion for RAKU, an ancient 17th century technique from Japan, and uses it to express his unique sensitivity for human emotions. 

The RAKU tradition was born when a tea master recognized the beauty of unique effects created in the firing of tiles by a craftsman. Each piece is handmade and reflects the human spirit through natural elements.

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Product #: 942865251

Color Group Greens, Blues, and Beiges

Finish Frosted Green

Finish Number 251

Material Raku Ceramic

Screw/Nail M4 (included)

Catalogue Section Exclusive

Style Transitional

Collections Materia Viva Collection

Projection - Overall Dimensions 25 mm (63/64 in)

Packaging format Per unit