Precious Materials Collection, Knob

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Precious Materials Collection, Knob

from 25.30

These luxurious pulls and knobs are handmade and mounted with… 

Amber: A fossilized tree resin that greatly varies in color and translucence, depending on its age and geographical origins. 

Mother of Pearl: This pearly, iridescent material is a natural organic-inorganic composite found on the inner shell of certain mollusks. 

Onyx: The natural qualities of this stone create special nuances in each unique piece.

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Product #: 302415180AMB, 302415180ONY, 302415180PEA

Color Groups Greys, Chromes, & Others, Browns & Bronzes, Blacks, Whites

Finishes Chrome, Amber, Black

Finish Numbers 180, AMB, ONY, PEA

Materials Metal, Amber, Onyx, Pearl 

Screw/Nail M4 (not included)

Catalogue Section Exclusive

Style Transitional

Collections Precious Materials Collection

Length - Overall Dimensions 15 mm (19/32 in)

Projection - Overall Dimensions 21 mm (53/64 in)

Width - Overall Dimensions 15 mm (19/32 in)

Packaging format Per unit