roost - david way


David Way of ROOST is an Asheville, NC based award-winning home designer & cabinet maker with over 22 years of experience. With a background designing & building luxury custom homes, David has a unique ability to balance form & function as he creates livable modern sanctuaries for each of his clients. David is a champion of sustainable design & building practices. He believes that “building green” starts with the following C.L.E.A.N design principles:

  • CLIENT - Every client is unique and deserves a space that is tailored to their specific requirements. Roost values each clients vision & diligently works to re-interpret that vision into a space that exceeds their vision & expectation for the project.

  • LIGHT - passive solar - active solar - sight lines - sky scapes - privacy Light is one of the most important considerations in the comfort of a space as it affects the temperature, mood and spatial perception of the space.

  • ENVIRONMENT - natural surroundings - environmental opportunities & restrictions - relationship to nature & other structures

  • ARTERIES - flow - circulation - furniture placement -

  • NATURAL MATERIALS - sustainable materials & healthy building products

Using these principles the ROOST team is able create comfortable, inspiring spaces for our clients that will be architecturally relevant for multiple generations. We call this “Heirloom Architecture”. It is not enough to design & build homes that meet current building codes and healthy-built standards. David believes that each new design should meet the highest current building standards but also anticipate future design considerations so as to minimize the need for future demolition, renovations or additions. Let us know how we can elevate your next project.