roost sc1


roost sc1


This is our spin on a mobile home. The cool thing is it actually is mobile. all of our container homes are designed and built just outside of Asheville NC, and can be easily shipped to you wherever you are. 

The roost sc1 plan offers an open compact floor plan that does not compromise on style, space or comfort. The sc1 is a perfect home for someone who is looking for an affordable, structurally superior refuge that is beautiful, portable and expandable with life's ever-changing needs. 


8'x40' footprint (320 sq ft) 

1 bedroom/1 bath (are only the beginning) 

open floor plan

built-in banquette seating for four

on demand tankless water heater

limitless finishing options to meet your design requirements

available in 6 wonderful stereotypes: 

prepper (you know who you are but we wont tell) 

hippie (is there a better way to save the earth than by reducing,reusing and recycling in your very own shipping container house "off the grid of course")

tight wad ( you may squeak but the floors will never in your new roost sc1) 

hipster (is there anything cooler,dope,fly, bomb,fat,sick ok I give up chilling in your new roost sc1) 

yuppie scum ( before you die you can cruise past the joneses in your brand new roost sc1 class container home)

the over complicated guy/gal that always asks the chef to customize the menu for you  "oh wait that's me"  ( you may be a little embarrassing to go out to dinner with but have we got the home for you. You finally can have it your way so long as you can afford it.

Let us know which model is right for you. 


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