AWS Pedestal System (bundle)

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pedestal system image.jpg

AWS Pedestal System (bundle)


The AWS pedestal system consists of 7 pieces:

  • Top Cap
  • Bottom cap
  • Top Shims of 1/16″ and 1/8″
  • Round Bottom Shims of 1/8″
  • Buffer Pad (optional)
  • Joist Plate (used for less than 1″ height)
  • Standard 4″ PVC piping between caps

This system allows for varying heights up to 20+ inches. There is a standard 1/8″ vertical spacer on the top cap, allowing for open joints and proper alignment.

The top cap is 1/2″ in height, and if needed, top or bottom shims lock into place, to get the height just right. If using a joist plate, you will find its height to be 1/8″, with 1/8″ spacers.

The bottom shims can be broken in half and stacked for areas that are sloped more than the typical 2%.

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  • The AWS™ Pedestal System is an interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers and other natural products appropriate for elevated foot traffic as applied to a pitched deck or roofing membrane. It turns difficult slopes into level surfaces and allows utilities and drains to be run under the pavers, natural stone, or other manufactured products, transforming to usable spaces those which might otherwise not be. Water can move freely to allow for the health and long life of a roofing membrane. The AWS™ Pedestal System has been compression tested to withstand loads of up to 11,000 lbs PSI, from heights of 2″ up to 20″, when used with standard SDR35, 4″ PVC pipe (conforming to ASTM 3034, 4.215″ OD) as the central component.


AWS™ components pack in fewer boxes and weigh less than alternative pedestals, reducing the ‘carbon footprint’ and saving money on shipping costs! Each AWS™ box contains 100s of Pedestal components, making it simple to ship anywhere in North America and beyond. How is this possible? The large central component of AWS™ Pedestals is standard 4″ SDR-35 PVC piping – which is easily available locally at a very low cost. As a result, AWS™ Pedestals remain the most affordable, no matter what the height or configuration!


  • The AWS™ Joist Plate System is a sister interlocking system, using our ‘Joist Plate’ component and Top Shim components from the AWS™ Pedestal System. This allows simple, easy installation of concrete pavers, natural gauged stone, and other architectural slabs over wood joists. This system easily adapts to new and old decks, virtually ending the drudgery of maintaining a wood slat deck.


    *4×6′s should be used in new construction, or sistering 2×4′s with 2×4′s should provide a working underlayment. If your deck is suspended, engineering may be required to support the weight of concrete pavers or other gauged natural products. Consult a specialist regarding load and structural requirements.